Monday, December 27, 2010

My last day with Novell; My Blog continues

Christmas Eve 2010 was my last day with Novell. I left the office with mixed feelings... Light-hearted because its Christmas and I look ahead to a new professional chapter in a different technology sector... Reluctance because I'm parting ways with a great bunch of friends & colleagues (both here in Singapore, the rest of Asia Pacific and around the world).

This is NOT an end to my involvement with SUSE, Linux and OSS. It is merely a transition. While I no longer sell Free (as in Freedom) software for a living, I am still an avid user and advocate of all things SUSE, OSS and Open Standards. Thus, this blog will continue as I journal and share my experiences.

Its important to say that my desire and plans to pursue a different path in my professional career was already in motion before the recent developments at Novell. As a matter of fact, my manager is interviewing candidates to backfill my position, its business as usual here. Given how a good part of the WWW seem to thrive on negativity and conspiracy theories to gain viewership, its my hope that this blog entry NOT be improperly quoted out of context and used as "ammunition" in all these negative media brouhaha.

Thank you Novell, and all my friends, for the 3 wonderful years selling SUSE for a living. Its been a good living. :) senyum


  1. Congrats on new role. Thanks for all your work so far :-)

  2. Hi,

    Wish you all the best for the future. Thank you for share experience for all of use. New year new opportunity.

    PS : I would also take similar experience by trying new endeavour on 2011, become an entrepreneur in IT support ;-)

  3. Best wishes for future and Happy holidays.