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Frequently Asked SUSE Linux Enterprise(SLE) Links:
  • Download!
  • Technical Specifications
  • Documentation (HTML and PDFs)
  • Support Lifecycle (EOL)
  • Training and Certifications
  • Customer Success Stories
  • 3rd party (ISVs) software/application suppor
  • Subscription and Pricing Policies 

    Download! - [ ]
    This is the entry page to all Novell software downloads.  Simply select the appropriate SUSE Linux Enterprise product and version (optional) from the drop-down list to continue.

    Technical Specifications:
    This contains all relevant technical specifications for the specific SLE product.

    SLE Desktop - [ ]

    SLE Server - [ ]

    Documentation (HTML and PDFs) - [ ]
    This is the starting point for all SUSE documentation across all versions.  You may choose to browse the docs online (HTML) or download the whole lot for a version as a zip file of PDFs.

    Support Lifecycle (EOL)
    A few important links here to understanding enterprise support for SLE, EOL dates, other support options and support knowledgebase.

    Support Lifecycle - [ ]

    Long Term Service Pack Support - [ ]

    Training and Certifications
    Links to the latest (version 11) certification pages with information on certification exam process, syllabus and training courses available...

    Certified Linux Desktop Administrator - [ ]
    Certified Linux Administrator - [ ]
    Certified Linux Professional - [ ]
    Certified Linux Engineer - [ ]

    Customer Success Stories

    Landing/search page - [ ]

    3rd party (ISVs) software/application support - [ ]

    Subscription and Pricing Policies - [ ]

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