openSUSE Links (outdated)

My favourite openSUSE Links
  • Download
  • Additional YaST Repositories
  • Documentation
  • SUSE Studio
  • Search for more packages
  • Forums
  • SUSE Linux User Group Singapore (SLUGS)


openSUSE 13.2 -

openSUSE 13.1 -

openSUSE 12.1 -

Additional YaST Repositories:

Packman and VLC are my favourite repositories followed by nVidia (I seem to keep getting machines with nVidia cards)

Official YaST Repositories (should already be configured upon install of openSUSE):

To understand how to add YaST repositories, read


SUSE Studio:

Search for more packages:
You can click on Advanced to include user home directories (openSUSE Build Service), that will yield interesting finds... but this is really on the cutting (ie bleeding) edge... just setting expectations.

SUSE Linux User Group Singapore (SLUGS):
Join us if you are based here or visit Singapore on a regular basis.

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