Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The YoLD is Dead; Long Live the YoLD!

Twas the first day of Christmas 2009 and my true love gave to me... a Linux-ready USB WebCam!menari

First, YoLD = Year of the Linux Desktop. This proclamation has been ringing in my ears since 2004... for some of you, even earlier. I think, collectively, we've come to realize that its an evolution and not a revolution... hence my proclamation:

The YoLD is Dead (2009); Long Live the YoLD (2010)!

Much Thanks and Gratitude to the French for inventing the original. See Wikipedia for details here.

Back to my Christmas gift from my wife. She recalled my frustrations 2 years back in getting a brand-new USB WebCam to work with Linux (openSUSE, SLED, Ubuntu etc). She, a non-IT person, went shopping this Christmas and found a WebCam that explicitly supports Linux! Wow! sembah

And it WORKED! No driver installation/compilation required, true plug and play. Worked with Kopete and also with Skype. It worked on openSUSE 11.2 and SLED 11. Pretty sure it will work on many of the current Linux distributions. The box did say Kernel 2.6.21 & above. Here are a few pictures of the box.

Yes, I'm helping to advertise for this vendor because they deserve my support for their explicit Linux support. senyum

Finally, I credit this Blog entry to my wife. Thanks dear, you're the best! love


  1. Yes, the Messianic age of YoLD is here! Open the hearts of your machines and receive it! ;-)

  2. Chepou to your wife.

    I spent about and hour looking to buy this webcam. Couldn't find it anywhere ... :-(.

    also very IMPORTANT: This vendor has only a few models (4 that I found) that support linux.

    So I put this a warning here.

    I will be happy to hear (sorry to ruin the rommantics...) where did your wife bought the camera, and how much she paid !

    Many many thanks, and Happy New Year !

  3. Hi Oz Nahum,

    My wife and I live in Singapore. She got that webcam from Challenger (a big retail computer store chain) at Funan Centre. Website:

    The webcam was going for S$69 but she got it at S$48, some Christmas sale.

    *No worries about ruining the romantics, we're married for close to 10 years so its practical love these days. LOL*

  4. My Opensuse 11.2 install has got the Logitech Quick Cam running too. Am using it via the Beta Skype client.
    Again no installation of a driver required.

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  6. @Mike

    Ever thought of using Evolution instead?

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