Saturday, May 26, 2018

Getting XMind 8 to work on openSUSE Leap 15

openSUSE Leap 15 was officially launched on 25th May 2018.  More at

XMind is my go-to mind mapping software for a few years now.  More at


Using the XMind 8 Linux package (zip file) and following the, albeit brief, instructions at, you will see XMind launch with the GUI Splash screen but the program will fail and exit.


XMind is a Java-based application and it is sensitive to the version of Java.  The default Java runtime in openSUSE Leap 15 is OpenJDK version 10.0.1 (dated 2018-04-17).


Install the older OpenJDK version 1.8.0.  Instead of removing the default version 10.0.1, I elected to install the older version 1.8.0 alongside and switch the default path for Java to 1.8.0.

Here are my steps:

zypper in java-1_8_0-openjdk

update-alternatives --config java
(followed by picking the newly installed jre-1.8.0)

Validate:  java -version

That's it.  Now, when we execute the XMind program, it will work and launched successfully.  

Keep Calm & Carry On loving Linux!

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