Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why do you do the things you do?

Its Sunday and a person whom I have much respect asked a question this morning: "Why do you(we) do the things you(we) do?"

In response to that question, of the many possible answers that were swimming in my head, the very first and simplistic answer in three words were: "Because I can." senyum Now now, context is everything... so what I really meant with that simple answer is that I am a person who enjoys new experiences.

From a techie perspective, this means that I really loved it when I get the chance to try out something new (ie software feature, engineering technique blah blah)... so that's why I do the things I do.

However, as I begin to reflect deeper, I found myself with 2 other answers and they are: "Because I want to be counted... and because I want to be of good help." Hence, the reason behind writing it down on my blog today. The transition from experiential (Because I can) to being part of something bigger (to be counted) and contributing towards it (be of good help) is a change in perspective in my professional career.

I started this Blog because I could (experiential). Slowly, it became a place where I realized that the technical (experiential) stuff I put here is just part of the much larger Open Source Software community... well, granted I have not contributed a single line of OSS code (yet) but I contibute by writing stuff I've tried and succeeded... so that others do not need to waste cycles repeating them.

I dig OSS because I could ... and now, because I believe that it can really be of benefit to everyone... even to those who don't realize that their productivity is a result of OSS running seamlessly behind the scenes in their daily routine.

With the launch of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, and having seen some of the plans and roadmaps, I believe it is becoming more relevant and will be of good help to people looking for technical solutions to real-life business problems/challenges.

As I'm writing this entry, I'm waiting for some code/binary download to complete as I'm in the midst of preparing a few good demos for the official launch of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 in Singapore this coming Wednesday (22nd April). Will be looking forward to share my experience soon. senyum

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