Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3G Surfing with SLED 11

YES, it works! Out of the box babe! senyum

With reference to my previous entry last year and compared to getting my Telco's(StarHub) 3G mobile broadband modem(Huawei E270) to work [link here], life is so much better in SLED 11. Here are the really simple steps:

1) Plug in my 3G modem(Huawei E270) via USB.
2) Wait 5 seconds and my NetworkManager applet on my desktop picks it up. Select Properties under the device shown and do a 1-time setup (eg click the Connect Automatically checkbox).
3) Wait for the connection and DONE! Its that simple... so simple that I wondered if I should blog about it. Hahaha sengihnampakgigi.

Life is good. peace

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