Monday, April 27, 2009

The SLE 11 Community Preview in Singapore

The SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 community preview in Singapore was held last Wednesday evening (22nd April, 7pm). Well... we really got started at 7:30pm as we were chatting away and waiting for some of the regulars to arrive. Darrel and Mike did a fantastic job organizing and getting the word out. Thank you! peace

I'm looking forward to visiting the next community SUSE meetup in May and also supporting Darrel in Singapore's Software Freedom Day in September. senyum

We had slightly over 35 people turn up and spent slightly over an hour (initially planned 45minutes) on my presentation and demo. I was delighted at the questions and discussions, a real lively session. This was followed by some light snacks sponsored by Novell.

Link to Meetup ->
Link to Photos ->
Link to Presentation ->

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