Friday, July 11, 2008

Xen in Thailand

Had the pleasure of speaking and teaching a SLES XEN Virtualization workshop at the IBM System x Technical University in Bangkok on Thursday(10/7) and Friday(11/7).

It was raining outside and a traffic jam was building up... so glad to be indoors. kenyit

The class has about 20 notebooks from Dell, Compaq and Lenovo.

My setup with the Geeko skinned Thinkpad T61p and a whole lot of Geeko souvenirs and FREE SLES/SLED 10 SP1 (both 32 & 64 bit) DVDs to give away. Feels good giving away software and knowing that I'm not a pirate. Gotta love it. menari

Acknowledgement & Thanks to Ross Brunson and his team for creating the baseline enablement materials. I customized it a little to include Platespin into the presentation and did live demos of Win2003 & Win2008 virtualized on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2 with ZENworks Orchestrator and a little sneak peak at Platespin PowerRecon and PowerConvert. Boy... that was a mouthful. senyum

Class photos for Day 1 and 2.

Overall, a good and fruitful trip. senyum

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