Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My openSUSE 11 Journal - 2

Let's talk User Interface.

Been reading how 3D desktop effects turned on by default... but both KDE and GNOME seemed very 2D to me on first boot. fikir Then I realized that I had to check the option to enable it and .... get this... 3D effects switched ON IMMEDIATELY! sembah Yes, that's right, no more mucking around with video settings, restarting X11 etc. The graphics card on my Shuttle XPC is the onboard Intel G31 Chipset with X3100 GMA.

Noticed improvements in the fundamental UI as well as openSUSE specific ones that focus on usability. Still in my first few days of using this so I'll post more later.


I'll admit that I'm not all that familiar with KDE... with my last production experience with KDE 3.0 (in 2004 timeframe).

KDE 4 blew me away. Its so pretty, I can just sit there admiring it... this will pass I'm sure and I'll be more productive once I get over its beauty. sengihnampakgigi The icon size are just perfect and rolling over them gives me more options (without the need to right-click)...

But it took me awhile to figure out how to turn on the 3D desktop effects though... also noticed the effects are not as fanciful compared with GNOME... I think its their usability philosophy in action... not challenging that since I do get a little carried away with 3D effects in the Beryl days... hahahah kenyit Wanna see how crazy I got? The proof is here on YouTube (link) menari

That's all for now...

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  1. Including visual aids, though I'd admit is bit of hassle, would be good too.