Sunday, July 20, 2008

My openSUSE 11 Journal - 3 (HP Printer)

Finally found some time this weekend to muck around further with openSUSE 11 (x64) on my ShuttlePC. senyum I needed to print a document on my home printer, the HP Deskjet F2120 (its those all-in-one type with scanner, photo-copier and printing functions).

To my horror hah, openSUSE 11 auto-detected a HP Deskjet 1000 instead of F2120??!! From the dropdown list of printers available, I could not find the Deskjet F2120 model at all. This is just crazy because I could setup my home printer with SLED 10 SP2. Hence, I know this is not a capability issue but one of configuration.

Here's how I got my HP Deskjet F2120 to work, Open YaST and Software Management. Search for a package called hplip (version 2.8.4) and install it.

Comment: Its strange that hplip was not installed by default. Suspect this could be a 64bit thingy.
Note: Once hplip is selected for installation, it complains that some 64bit provider is missing or unavailable (I don't remember). I had the option to give up OR choose to de-install an existing hpijs driver. Since this installed driver did not work for me, I decided to flushed it. angkatkening
Reference: What is hplip? HP Linux Imaging and Printing. Check it out at

After the installation of hplip was completed, I plugged in the USB connector to my Deskjet F2120... and Viola! peace, openSUSE 11 auto-detected and auto-configured it and prompted me via a little bubble on the bottom right of the screen. I double-checked just in case (Control Center -> Printing) but I was already printing my document easily via the PDF reader.

I'm happy again... peluk

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  1. The only problem I had with the OpenSUSE 11 install was with GRUB. Visat didn't like what GRUB did to the boot-track and refused to boot. After mucking around with YAST, I managed to get Vista to boot, but now I get a blue screen of death (too quick to read) and it reboots. However, openSUSE works great!