Monday, June 16, 2008

Virtually there?! @Best of Brainshare

I presented 2 topics at the Best of Brainshare in Kuala Lumpur (10 June) and Singapore (12 June) recently.

In particular, the topic "Green IT: Virtualization & Automation 2.0" seem to have struck a chord with the audience. Its becoming apparent to me that many are considering or have already begun embarking on virtualization projects.

My topic is a combination of slideware and live demonstrations of:
  1. Virtualizing Windows 2003 R3 with SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP2 (with Xen 3.2)
  2. Showing how to improve virtualized Windows performance by approx 10x with SUSE Linux Enterprise Virtual Machine Driver Pack
  3. Virtualizing the latest Windows 2008, streaming video live from it to a client on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
  4. Using ZENworks Orchestration Server 1.3 to LIVE migrate Windows 2008 while video is streaming from one physical notebook to another.
  5. Demonstrating Platespin PowerRecon and its capacity/virtualization planning capability
  6. Showing the Platespin PowerConvert interface with focus on ProtectWorkload
Had a fun time doing it and got some interesting responses...

Hope to update this entry with some photos later... kenyit

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