Wednesday, June 25, 2008

NTFS read/write in SLE 10 SP2

While NTFS read for local disks is available since SLED 10 , the latest Service Pack 2 (SP2) has added NTFS write support. senyum

Here are a few observations (Thanks to Kum Fei):
  1. You will need to install the ntfs-3g package as its not installed by default.
  2. The ntfs-3g is only available in the SLED 10 SP2 DVD. It is not available in SLES 10 SP2.
  3. You will not see a NTFS field in YaST Partitioner. You will need to manually mount with -t flag set to ntfs-3g. If using /etc/fstab, remember to use ntfs-3g for read/write and not ntfs (read only).
The last I check, Kum Fei is happily transferring demo files between the Windows NTFS partition and his SLES 10 SP2 partition. peace


  1. I get a "device is busy" message when I try to mount with ntfs-3g but it works when mounted ro with ntfs. What do I miss out?

  2. Greetings NotesSensei,

    It could either be a sync issue or a previously failed mount.

    Found this forum entry that might help at

    Hope it works out for you.