Sunday, November 20, 2011

My openSUSE 12 Journal - 2

Installed openSUSE 12.1 (64-bit) on both my home PC and my Thinkpad W520. The best part was I did not have to burn any installation DVDs and speed of installation was at Gigabit speed on my home local network. peace

Here is what I did in a nutshell:
  1. Download openSUSE 12.1 64-bit ISO and verified integrity with md5sum
  2. Configured my Thinkpad, running openSUSE 11.4, as the network installation server.
  3. Boot up my home PC in PXE-boot mode and installed openSUSE 12.1 from my Thinkpad.
  4. Once my PC is installed and running openSUSE 12.1, I configured it as the network installation server and boot up my Thinkpad in PXE-boot mode and installed openSUSE 12.1 onto it.
Simple and sweet!

For more details, please refer to my older posts:
  1. Network Installation of openSUSE [Link]
  2. Using Apache2 to deploy and maintain SUSE [Link]
  3. Install and configure TFTP server for PXE boot environment [Link]
  4. Install and configure DHCP Server [Link]
Happy to report the steps I documented in the posts above worked for openSUSE 12.1. There were some minor differences, mainly to do with Systemd and how it changes the console output a little. The previously observed SuSEFirewall bug for TFTP server is still present, so remember to add port 69 to UDP as previously documented.

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