Monday, July 26, 2010

My Joomla appliance: "I'm on a roll!"

Riding on the momentum of my recent SugarCE appliance (blog entry here), Joomla came to mind... because a friend (Thanks Niko) was talking about how he once built a business on it.

This time around, instead of spending half a day, I only spent half-a-morning to have my Joomla appliance ready. After doing a little more tidying up, I published it last Friday and it has already been downloaded 4 times over the weekend by other members of the SUSE Studio community.

I will not go into details, and write another long blog entry here, since Joomla is fundamentally a LAMP application very similar to SugarCE (Apache2, MySQL and PHP). Hence, the steps/methodology in my previous blog entry applies.

Here's the link to my published Joomla (v1.5.20) - [Link]

By the way, if you do not have a SUSE Studio account, I'd encourage you to get one. If you'd still like to sit on the fence, I hear (from my secret source) that the general public will be able to access and download published appliances for free in a matter of days...

Its all hush-hush now but I will post another entry when this feature goes live later this week... (D'oh! )


  1. All hail Uncle Han....may you always be as geeky as ever and stay beautiful....

    Eric von Novell Malaysia

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