Thursday, July 2, 2009

SUSE Meetup: SLES 11 on IBM System p

I attended the monthly SUSE meetup group here in Singapore last night. The highlight of the evening is a walkthrough and demo of installing SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 on IBM System p (POWER) by Mike Veltman, our SUSE meetup lead and our talent from Holland. senyum

Antarius is an authorised IBM Training partner and has a number of IBM System p5 in their training centre. Mike is a SUSE and AIX consultant with Antarius.

Pictures of the very familiar IBM Hardware Management Console (aka HMC) managing a number of LPARs running AIX and SLES 11... and even openSUSE 11.1!! .... which requires a hack and not officially supported... but Mike does it because he can... as usual... kenyit

It was a good turn out despite the change in the usual venue... we had a good mix of geeks/experts from various fields and we had a good time exchanging views and information till 10pm.

Mike educates us with his usual enthusiasm about the design merits of the System p in how it handles virtualization, management and pooling of hardware resources. For those who were early (ahem, me included), he showed how we can dynamically assign virtual CPUs and RAM to a running SLES 11 and it works!

Looking forward to the next meetup.

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