Friday, January 2, 2009

Field Notes: GRUB 1024 cylinder limit

So, I was at a customer site last month and had to quickly install and dual-boot SLES 10 SP2. Long story short, I hit the GRUB 1024 cylinder limit. I was able to install SLES 10 SP2 but GRUB installation semi-fail at stage 2. The result is SLES 10 SP2 got installed but I cannot boot into it. nangih

Thankfully, we are able to create a small partition for /boot to reside within the 1024 cylinder limit of the hard disk drive. Thus, we can successfully boot up SLES 10 SP2 and get on with the programme. kenyit

According to a few online resources, I should not encounter this challenge as most new computers have BIOs that allows GRUB to reach beyond the 1024 cylinder limit. Oh well... around

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