Monday, December 1, 2008

A busy October and November

Looks like I did not manage to write a single entry for the 2nd half of October and the whole of November. senyum

Here's a quick recap of the stuff I've been up to:
  1. HP-Intel EDA Seminar 2008 - It was a fruitful trip up to Penang. We were greatful for HP's invitation and we are happy to share the High-Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities and leading marketshare position with our target audience. Did you know that 6 out of the TOP 10 supercomputers in 2008 are using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server? encem
    • Links to the presentation and photos (Day 1, Day 2)
  2. VMware Virtualization Forum 2008 - Showed off Platespin products with our Platespin colleagues and business parter at Singapore's Suntec City Convention Centre.
  3. Dell APJ Enterprise Summit 2008 - Attended the one at Kuala Lumpur and it was a very fruitful trip. I had a good interactive time presenting the entire Novell Virtualization/Automation solution suite. The only challenging bit was to do this 1 hour session 6 times over 2 days. blur It was worth it though as the audience understood Novell's value proposition and how we can GTM very well together. cium
  4. IBM NEDC Summit 2008 - Attended both the Kuala Lumpur and Singapore event. Spoke to IBMers and their customers on the value of SUSE Linux Enterprise and our ability to have a common code base across the commodity System x to the industry proven and very resilient System z (mainframe).
I've been working on a few projects with customers and partners... and hope to share what I've learnt on this blog later this month... and I can't wait for openSUSE 11.1 and the next big leap forward of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. peace

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