Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IDC Green IT Conference in Malaysia & Singapore

IDC's Green IT Conference is doing its round in Asia and I had the privilege to speak at the Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Singapore event last week.

Update (20th Aug 2008): Found another blog entry that summarizes the KL event. I'm very delighted to see the key messages of my session have been communicated and captured by an attendee. There is even a link to my entire presentation online. Thank you Brandon. senyum

The agenda for my session:
  • The Push for Green IT
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise as the Hypervisor
  • The Stages of Virtualization
  • Summary & Customer References
I've upgraded my Live Migration of Windows Server 2008 demo... to use OCFS2/iSCSI instead of NFS. Now I'm able to live migrate with more confidence. senyum Will probably post this setup in more detail at a later time... stay tuned.

Some photos from these 2 events:

The Penguins & Geeko setup at the Novell booth... they told everyone to drop their business card and stand a chance to go home with one of these endangered animals... saving the planet... gelakguling. The next picture is Novell and their partners at work talking to prospective clients and finally, the main hall where the conference takes place... nice green theme... feels right at home for SUSE. kenyit

The event in Singapore has a similar green theme... that's me working hard to setup my 2 Thinkpad demo before the crowd comes in, the crowd listening to my presentation/demo and yours truly on stage talking about Green IT, power consumption, floor space, virtualization... blah blah blah... senyum

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